Öffnungszeiten Widget

Come on in, we're OPEN!

Let your visitors know when you are open for business! With the Yoonic Öffnungszeiten Widget you can easily insert your hours into any widget section of your WordPress Theme.

Very easily. In six steps:

  1. Add the Widget to your WordPress site
  2. Click on the widget to expand it
  3. Change the parameters as you see fit
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Stand back and enjoy.


If you need assistance installing the Widget, this section is for you:

To ward off any confusion: WordPress considers Widgets as a special type of Plugin. As such, you have to use the Plugin interface to accomplish the better part of the install.

In your WordPress dashboard, click "Plugins:"

Click on plugins

Then "Add New." It doesn't matter which:

Click on Add New

Then "Upload Plugin:"

Click Upload Plugin

Now, browse...

Click Browse

...your filesystem for the widget you downloaded (needs to be a .zip file)

Find your file and upload it

Once found, you can ask WordPress to install it:

Click Install

After you've installed it, you need to activate it:

Click Activate

Now you should be redirected to the "Plugins" overview page.  Check that the Widget is activated. You can tell that it is activated by its blue background, and that you are presented with the option to "Deactivate" it (don't click that):

Check that the widget is activated

If the plugin is not activated, click "Activate":Click Activate if not activated

Congratulations! Your Widget is now installed and activated. Time to move on to the next section!

To add a Widget to your actual site, after you have installed and activated it, in your Wordpress Dashboard click on

Appearance > Widgets

Click Appearance and then Widgets

Under "Available Widgets," click on the "Öffnungszeiten Widget"...

Click on the widget in Available widgets

.. select the Widget Area where you want to have it, and finally click "Add Widget"

click add widget

Alternatively, you can also drag-and-drop the Widget from the "Available Widgets" section directly into one of the Widget Areas displayed on the right side.

Now you have your Widget all set up and see this:

open widget interface

All that's left to do is setting the parameters and publishing the thing, as described in the next section.

Here's your widget interface:


In the text fields you can set the Title (short message at the top), the times (You can also write "Closed" or whatever you want) , and the Footer (short message at the bottom)

Addittionally, you can set whether or not a day is displayed at all. If you untick the "Displayed:" checkbox, the day and time will no longer be shown, and all other items will be centered and aligned automatically and seamlessly.

Finally, you can also choose the background (previews here) and one of more than 700 webfonts (which can be previewed with the Google webfonts project).

To ensure that your changes will be committed, click save. Now you should be able to see your changes after you refresh (crtl+F5) your website.

To remove the widget from your Widget bar, simply click "Delete."

Do NOT go into your FTP structure and simply delete the widget folder. Use the WordPress interface as described below. It's just four clicks, and much safer!

To remove the Widget from your WordPress installation, go on your "Plugins" overview page and click "Deactivate" on the Widget you want gone:

Click Deactivate

Now, in the same window, you should be presented with the option to delete it. Click that.

Click delete

You'll be redirected to a "Delete Plugin" page, where you can confirm your choice. Do so...

Click Yes

...and you've successfully removed the Widget from your WordPress installation!


This widget has been tested as displaying properly on Opera, down to Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome with the following themes* (Feb/2016):

*some themes may have passed the test even if they do not natively support widgets.

Problems have been identified with the following themes and browsers:

It is recommended that you avoid using "Twenty Fourteen" and "Twenty Sixteen" with this widget if you have a userbase that uses Internet Explorer.


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